Using A Combination Resume Template Will Put You In The Right Format!

A combination resume is one that highlights you as it lists your skills and qualifications first. Next in line on the template is your professional experience and employment history. When used correctly, it will frame your skills to be relevant and complementary to the job you are seeking as well as maintain an employer preferred chronological work history.

Your Resume Layout Matters and A Combination Resume Format Works Well!

This is extremely important as often times a manager will decide your interview potential based on the first 15 seconds of scanning your resume. That’s why it’s absolutely imperative when applying for a job that your resume is in a proper layout that’s best suited to make a good first impression. If not, it may be the only opportunity you get!

Why Should You Use A Combination Resume?

  • To highlight your skills and qualifications to potential employers.
  • To provide a chronological employment history that shows dependability.
  • To showcase your professional experience and prove relevancy.
  • Well accepted and easy to read format for prospective employers
  • Flowing layout that starts with you and moves through your professional career

The Goal of Your Resume Is Simply To Tell Your Story

Be brief but tell your story. That’s what makes using this style of resume template so compelling and easy to use.

Sure you may have some gaps in your story line from bouts of layoffs or acquisitions, but use that to tell the story of your skills which represents your contributions, value and potential you can bring to the table instead of simply documenting your time spent with different companies.

A Tip To Help You On Your Resume

Fill in the description of each job so that there is a small statement about the company itself. Then highlight certain aspects like promotions received, your longevity and increased responsibility. The key here is to show your initiatives and accomplishments.

These days many companies have layoffs due to acquisitions and staff reductions. Just state that as part of your clause, “Reduction in Work Force of 25 Percent”.